We have made a substantial investment in the CALLE VERDE brand. In addition to CALLEVERDE.COM, we literally own every CALLE VERDE top level domain (TLD) in every Spanish speaking country around the world. We have initiated our plan to build a multi-lingual site at each domain to introduce CALLE VERDE in each territory.

CALLE VERDE ® Trademarks Filed U.S. – IC 034. US 002 008 009 017. G & S: Herbs for smoking.

IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing …

CLICK HERE to view an exhibit of our trademarks from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s website.

Foreign Trademarks filings are in progress. We are actively seeking licensees of the CALLE VERDE brand in each country.

For more information please fill out our online form below or email info @

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